Course curriculum

    1. Welcome from the CEO

    2. Student Guide Notes - From Stick to Crystal

    3. Introducing your lecturer- Shaun Madho

    4. Essential Sugar Technology- Course Notes.

    5. Introductory Lecture- From Stick to Crystal

    6. FS2C-Part 1-Sugar Industry overview

    7. FS2C Part 1- Quiz -Industry Overview

    8. FS2C Part 2 - Terminology And Basic Concepts

    9. FS2C Part 2 Quiz Terminology and concepts

    10. FS2C Part 3 - Harvesting and Cane Yard Operations

    11. FS2C Part 3 Quiz - Harvesting and Caneyard operations

    12. FS2C Part 4 Preparation and Extraction

    13. FS2C Part 4 Quiz - Cane Preparation and Extraction

    14. FS2C Part 5 Juice Preparation

    15. FS2C Part 5 Quiz - Juice preparation

    16. FS2C Part 6 Evaporation

    17. FS2C Part 6 Quiz Evaporation

    18. FS2C Part 7 Crystallisation

    19. FS2C Part 7 Quiz- Crystallisation

    20. FS2C Part 8 Centrifuging And Drying

    21. FS2C Part 8 Quiz- Centrifuging and Drying

    22. FS2C Part 9 Refining

    23. FS2C Part 9 Quiz - Refining

    24. Feedback on the Course- From Stick to Crystal

About this course

  • 24 lessons
  • 4.5 hours of video content
  • An Introductory course for those who want to know how sugar is manufactured. Basic Scientific knowledge is assumed.
  • Ideal for those who are new to the industry including administrators and accountants, and company representatives working in the sugar industry
  • For Prices And Details Contact [email protected]


Group Manufacturing – Process Support Specialist Illovo Sugar Africa. Shaun Madho

Shaun Madho is a Process support Specialist at Illovo Sugar Africa. Prior to that was the Factory Support HOD at the SMRI for several years. He hopes that you, as an Executive, look back at your SMRI training as being pivotal to your progression and to creating a diverse, efficient and sustainable industry. Shaun has been an engineer at three factories, holds a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering and serves as the President of SASTA.